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The worst of COVID-19 may be behind us, but it remains important to stay cautious and prioritize your health. Hispanic Federation is here to help your community with a range of resources, covering everything from mental health to physical well-being.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact in our lives, taking a toll on our mental health and highlighting health disparities in our communities.


Hispanic Federation provides health resources through partner organizations in New York to boost the immunity of New Yorkers.

Discover the different resources available to you and your family.


Community Health Starts with You!

Vaccines, counseling, doctor visits and yearly check ups save lives and build communities stronger and more united. Find health services near you. 


New Yorkers Are  Encouraged to Get Vaccinated

Are your immunization records up to date? Is your child ready to start school? Have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccine? Learn more about the different vaccines available to you and your family. 



Discover our partners on the ground and find more resources available to you and your family.

United we are stronger!


Long Lasting COVID symptoms?

Read more about the symptoms and resources available to assist individuals who suffer from long COVID. 

Support our work.

Interested in becoming Community Health Ambassador? Learn about career and volunteering opportunities to build your community stronger.

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