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Learn more about the symptoms associated with long COVID and explore the different resources available below. 

Long COVID refers to a condition where individuals experience persistent symptoms or develop new symptoms after recovering from the acute phase of COVID-19. The symptoms of long COVID can vary widely and may affect different body systems.

Some common symptoms reported by individuals with long COVID include:



Persistent and extreme tiredness that can significantly impact daily activities.

Shortness of Breath.png

Shortness of Breath

Difficulty breathing or breathlessness, even with minimal exertion.


Brain Fog

Cognitive difficulties, such as trouble concentrating, memory problems, or difficulty finding words.


Muscle and Joint Pain

Persistent pain or discomfort in muscles and joints.

Chest Pain.png

Chest Pain

Recurring or persistent chest pain, which may be sharp or dull.



Frequent or severe headaches.


Heart Palpitations

Irregular or rapid heartbeats, often accompanied by a pounding sensation in the chest.

Loss of Taste and Smell.png

Loss of Taste and Smell

Continued or recurring loss of the sense of taste and smell.

Sleep Disturbances.png

Sleep Disturbances

Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, or disrupted sleep patterns.

Anxiety and Depression.png

Anxiety and Depression

Mental health symptoms, including anxiety, depression, or mood changes.

It's important to note that these symptoms can vary in severity and duration among individuals with long COVID. If you or someone you know is experiencing persistent symptoms after recovering from COVID-19, it is advisable to seek medical attention for proper evaluation and management.


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